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Friday, February 3, 2012

mixed media art

I have been attracted to and interested in mixed media art for a few years now. I often go to Barnes and Noble and flip through Somerset Studio magazines on artist studios and artful blogging and fantasize that I could be an artist too. I have a friend who is a painter and mixed media artist and I admire her and her work. She blessed me with the gift of spending some time with her in her studio one day and I was totally inspired to give art a chance. I have always loved decoupage and paint, so delving into the world of mixed media is perfect for me. I absolutely love patterned paper.  I love to use these papers in collage form....ripping them and gluing them to wood or canvas. I love adding paint and a sense of texture with stamps or stencils.
I have to say though, that this new venture into art is a little scary to me. I tend to get down on myself, using excuses such as, "I am not a painter," or "I can't draw figures and faces", or "I am too much of a perfectionist to be an artist". But I have decided to be brave, to explore, to play, to tap into my inner artist. I am really excited about it! I find that when I am in my creative space, listening to music, and beginning a project, I am elated, happy, satisfied. So in the spirit of being brave, I am posting a few pictures of two recent projects. I hope I will have more to come.

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  1. What a gift God has given you! Thanks for sharing this beautiful artwork and the reminder that our God is so big that His shadow is all we need to praise Him. His shadow is probably all that we can handle anyway. That is especially helpful to me right now.